Capturing Moments, Creating Memories, Remembering a Life Well-lived

KarMa Pictures produces film, video and photographic projects for corporate and individual clients who wish to inspire. We're focused on bringing out the best in humanity. We develop visual stories of hope, inspiration, courage and compassion. Our projects show ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things, and ultimately, reveal what is possible for each of us. Our goal is to help celebrate the magnificence of the human spirit.

Bridging Cultures & Generations

Imagine a world without stereotypes, where the best within humanity shines through. Imagine a world where young and old are appreciated and celebrated for their energy and wisdom. Our projects are a window to this world.


We began in 1996 as "Celestial Pictures" and developed a series of inspirational and stereotype-shattering films such as "The Debut," "Restless," and "American Knees." In 2003, we sold Celestial Pictures and formed KarMa Pictures to broaden our mission.

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If you have an inspirational project to produce, then we look forward to hearing from you. Remember, you're never too young, or too old, to make a difference...



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